Unified Form

Region 12 has adopted Unified Forms for their investors. It's easy to download these forms via their website: Invest in Region 12. Simply choose the type of business that you will be setting up, it could either be a Domestic Corporation or a Sole Proprietorship.

These Unified Forms are very comprehensive and they include SEC Forms, LGU Business Forms, as well have helpful SSS, PHIC, and Pag-Ibig Forms. However, they are only available in PDF Format. Anyway, it's good to know that Region 12 has adopted these Unified Forms and made it available online because it would definitely help investors as well as future and existing business owners.

From their website, I can say that this project was spearheaded by NERBAC: National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center, which was actually a project of former President GMA. I just hope that the present and future administrations can continue and improve this project. The forms available in their website, although helpful, are also in need of some minor improvements, specially that of the SEC Forms. I was actually thankful that I found these forms and did some overhaul to make it usable. 

If you want copies of the improved Registration Data Sheet, please send me an email at swexie(at)gmail(dot)com. I have these Registration Data Sheets in .doc format but it was actually taken from the Unified Forms, edited, and made as an image watermark in the document. It was the least that I could do for now. If time permits, maybe I can work out an excel file in the near future.

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