Have you filed your GFFS?

GFFS is the acronym for general form for financial statements. It a requirement that must be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on or before the 30th of April.


Few days left

So, what's with the picture? Uhmm.. Let's just say that I am not your typical auditor who goes to work in heavily starched suits...

I have a few days left, I will have resigned this 26th. I'm sure gonna miss a lot of traveling and client visits....

Whoops, I'm still busy with consolidating financial statements right now to catch up with the deadline on the 30th. But then again, I have an earlier deadline since I will be resigning, and of course, I would also be joining the 62nd PICPA Annual National Convention in Baguio City and my flight to Manila is already scheduled this coming 28th.. Hmmm.. still a lot of work to do.. it's ok.. After all, there's a set of good stress coming my way...


Audit Season is over

Audit Season is over.... Yey! But it's now time for consolidation and all that stuff for SEC submission on or before the 30th of April.. Whew! Another deadline fast approaching... Oh well, I have resigned already, effective April 26.. Yepey!!