Registration Data Sheet | RDS 96-1 Domestic Stock Corporation

Are you planning to establish a corporation?

Aside from the Articles of Incorporation and other documentary requirements which are now easily accessible through the Internet, the Securities and Exchange Commission has some other documentary requirements that are only available in hard copy.

I know how it feels like to use the old typewriter in filling the information for Registration Data Sheets and Company Data Maintenance Forms. Luckily, I finished the Registration Data Sheet, which is one of the required documents in the registering a corporation here in the Philippines

Download Registration Data Sheet now!

The file includes:

  1. SEC Cover Sheet
  2. Registration Data Sheet (RDS 96-1 DS)
    • CAPITAL STOCK/INCORPORATORS/DIRECTORS/OFFICERS INFORMATION pages 1 and 3. Page 2 is only used when the space provided in page 1 is not enough.
  3. Registration Data Sheet