I had no idea this was so hard to do! I only finished page 1 of CDMF. My client is already waiting. I hope to finish page 3 over the weekend. I've got one problem, though. If you're wondering where page 2 is, well, we have the same question. I was given only pages 1 and 3 of the CDMF. This is bad! I think I need to go to SEC on Monday to get a copy of page 2. Only then can I finish all three pages.

Tip in doing government form spreadsheets: although it is easier to work with the downloadable templates (from SEC, BIR, etc.) it's really better if you start on a clean canvass because sometimes, the downloaded files would contain unnecessary text boxes which are really hard to delete in Excel.

Click here to download page 1 of CDMF.

Good night!

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