To my disappointment, a Certificate of Registration due on July 10, 2009 was released only today: with a heaping 20 days of delay. I don't know what happened to the "re-formatted" Bureau of Internal Revenue. I was glad last year when my ONETT transactions were done a little ahead of time (about 3 weeks) but dismayed and irritated about how the Certificate of Registration got delayed.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue - Davao was recently "reformatted" as I have mentioned earlier because they already have separated the East and West Davao. The BIR office in Torres caters to East Davao while a new office in Bonifacio St. (2nd floor of the old Golden Bell Building) caters to West Davao. Is there a clear cut distinction between East and West Davao? Well, I'm not so sure about that. In my own opinion, East Davao is from Bankerohan, Downtown, and going North; while West Davao is from Matina going South. I might be wrong with this, so better call BIR for confirmation.

Anyway, the "reformatting" is in consonance withRevenue Memorandum Order 9-2009 which ordered for the reclassification. There are both advantages and disadvantages in this reclassification but of course, the taxpayers hope that since the offices are split up into two disctricts, transactions would be faster. (Well, definitely, it wasn't that fast, I could attest to that. But I can forgive BIR for this since maybe they are still reorganizing in their new office. I just hope that transactions with them in the future are not as eyebrow-raising as I have experienced before).

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